Too many solar installation companies leave you guessing as to whether or not you are getting a good deal. At Seal Solar, we offer the only price match guarantee in Arkansas because we want you to KNOW you are getting the best deal. Solar Power Arkansas AdNot only will you get the best price, guaranteed, but Seal Solar is also a certified installer of Tesla solar panels in Arkansas. Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world and their solar panels stand up to the toughest weather conditions and come with a 25 power production warranty. What no one is telling you about going solar is that the most significant benefit is creating a full ecosystem of self-generated electric power — meaning you will never have to rent your electricity from a power company again. Now you can own it. What is a “fully sustainable electric ecosystem”?

  • Solar panels on your roof that power your whole house
  • Tesla Powerwall that stores power for those times the sun isn’t out
  • An EV (electric vehicle) charger for FREE with your solar to keep your Tesla (or other EV) charged and ready to go.
  • Electric vehicles (thanks to our partners at Evolve Auto) that require virtually no cost to drive if you are getting your power from the sun

Seal Solar is here to help you live a life of stability and independence, saving you from ever increasing energy costs and ensuring that no other company takes advantage of you through the process. Even if you don’t become energy independent with us, we would love the chance to speak with you to show you how the fully sustainable electric ecosystem works; all powered by the sun. We are happy to set up a phone call, or you can simply provide your email address and we will tell you everything you need to know about becoming energy independent so you don’t get ripped off or make this important decision without all the facts.

How does the price match guarantee work?

Seal Solar will match any recent competitor quote for a similar system. In the unlikely event that we are unable to match the price, Seal Solar will pay you $100 through our app. It’s that simple! Similar System – The competitor quote must offer a system that includes an inverter, a minimum 20 year warranty, and must be the same size or larger than the system quoted by Seal Solar. Recent Quote – The competitor quote must be no older than 30 days, and must include permit and installation costs. Matching Owner Details – The competitor quote must have the same address and owner name. Seal Solar will review each quote on a price per watt basis.

How to take advantage of Price Match Guarantee?

  1. Request a quote from Seal Solar to compare prices – Click here or call 501-376-7325 or email us today! 
  2. Email a copy of your competitor quote – make sure the subject line says “Price Match Guarantee”.
  3. Seal Solar will compare the competitor quote to the price of our comparably sized system and inform you of eligibility as long as it is received prior to your scheduled installation date.
  4. In the unlikely event we are unable to price match the competitor quote, Seal Solar will pay you $100 through our app.

Click here or call 501-376-7325 or email us today! 

*Seal Solar reserves the right to reject any price match request that we believe has been submitted in bad faith. By submitting a competitor’s quote, you agree that Seal Solar may contact the solar provider who issued the quote in order to validate its terms and in doing so may have to disclose your name and/or installation addrss. Seal Solar may choose to end this program at any time and without further notice. Price Match offers cannot be assigned to other customers and cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions.