A Self-Powered Business

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A Self-Powered Business

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Is Battery Storage Right For You?

Gain control of your business’s energy use with a full-scale solar system. Seal Solar is proud to offer the best available commercial solar battery, the Tesla Powerwall, that gathers, stores and redistributes excess energy from your panels for consistent and reliable power—even during outages. If you’re interested in becoming energy independent—and saving money—consider a commercial solar battery!

Benefits of Your Powerwall

Self-Powered Facilities

Commercial solar batteries store energy generated during the day, so it’s available whenever it’s needed.

Eliminate Outages

Whether it’s an unexpected brownout or full-scale natural disaster, solar batteries help ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Enhances Savings

By leveraging a “time-of-use” plan, solar batteries help maximize energy savings by intuitively charging and discharging power at optimal times.

Increased Property Value

Solar is a low-maintenance and high-value investment that decreases the cost of owning and running a business.

How Many Batteries Are Needed to Run Your Business?

We want to provide the backup power your business needs to operate comfortably, no matter the situation. Our expert team can assist you in determining how long your stored power may last. We can also help you weigh the costs and benefits of a whole business versus essential load backup system, which often doesn’t require a secondary electrical panel.

Solar Battery Monitoring

The Powerwall comes with access to the Tesla app for real-time monitoring and control, with capabilities to optimize energy savings and outage protection.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?


Excess energy from your solar panels charges the battery system. The system then monitors your electricity usage and redistributes the power based on time-of-use rates to save you as much as possible.


What are the financial benefits of commercial solar batteries and storage systems?

Commercial utility customers pay for electricity hours used as well as demand charges for times of high usage. This can lead to significant added costs each month. With solar panels and batteries, businesses can reduce energy usage during normal operations and in peak periods.

How much does a commercial solar battery or backup system cost?

It depends on the square footage of your facility; the types of appliances and equipment used; and the general level of energy consumption. For a custom quote, contact Seal Solar.