What is a Tesla Powerwall?

What is a Tesla Powerwall?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, revealed his next big invention to the world back in 2015 when he announced the Tesla Powerwall. It instantly garnered interest from every corner of the globe as people wondered how they could get one. Since the Tesla Powerwall has been available for several years now, we want to provide you with information about exactly how it works, what it costs, and how you could benefit from a Tesla Powerwall if you have solar panels in Arkansas.

How Exactly Does The Tesla Powerwall Work?

The Tesla Powerwall is essentially a home battery designed to complement your solar panels in Arkansas. Most of the time, when your solar panels produce excess energy, the overproduced energy is sent back to the grid. If your solar panels don’t produce enough energy, then your home is powered with energy from the grid. 

The Tesla Powerwall essentially takes the place of the grid since any excess energy produced is stored inside the Powerwall rather than going back to the grid. At night when your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy to power your home, the Tesla Powerwall acts as a battery, using the previously-stored energy to keep the lights on. When the grid goes down your solar panels are automatically shut off, but the Tesla Powerwall acts as a generator so you can have power while the grid is repaired.

Cost Considerations For Installing A Tesla Powerwall

If you already have solar panels in Arkansas, it’s worth considering investing in a Tesla Powerwall. The good news is you can take advantage of the federal tax credit of 26% if you meet the qualifications. You’ll need to be using the Powerwall in conjunction with solar panels and your home’s Powerwall will need to receive its full charge from the solar panels. While the Tesla Powerwall and all associated costs could hover around $15,000, there are some financial incentives to help offset some of the costs.

Who Is The Tesla Powerwall Designed For?

Most people who install a Tesla Powerwall already have solar panels in Arkansas or are planning on getting them soon. A spokesperson at Tesla has indicated the Powerwall identifies grid outages and “automatically becomes your home’s main energy source.” Once your home loses power, the Tesla Powerwall automatically takes over and provides energy for your home – no flickering lights, no clocks resetting, just a seamless transition to battery power. 

Get A Comprehensive Evaluation From A Certified Installer

In most situations, you can easily add Tesla Powerwalls to your existing solar panels in Arkansas. It’s important to ensure you work with reputable, licensed, and certified installers. Due to the high cost and high demand for the Tesla Powerwall, many companies are taking advantage of consumers who don’t do their due diligence before purchasing and installing one. Always ask if your potential installer is certified with Tesla when receiving your evaluation, and never hesitate to decline their service if you have any reservations.

Seal Solar is here to help you take control of your future and manage your energy bills. We install solar panels in Arkansas and can also help you decide whether a Tesla Powerwall is right for you. You will always receive honest and transparent advice from our professionals so you can have peace of mind during every conversation. Our goal is to help you save money while protecting the environment and achieving energy independence. It all starts with a free estimate, so contact us today to learn more about how our process works.