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There has never been a better time to go solar. We have been providing Arkansas residents total power independence and reliance for over 20 years. For a limited time, you can power your home for $0 down and $0 payments for 12 months. Start now!

Play the Murray family’s Solar Success Story

Going Solar Was Seamless

“Conventional energy wasn’t working for us. Seal Solar helped us choose the right solar plan, and their installation process was seamless. As a result, we now feel better about the future we’re leaving to our kids and our electrical bill.”

– Megan and Josh Murray

Play Cheryl’s Solar Success Story

Low Monthly Energy Bill

“I was not keeping my house comfortable. It was too chilly in the winter and too warm in the summer. I’m so happy we went solar due to increasing energy prices. Working with Greg and Seal Solar was wonderful!”

– Cheryl Golden

Play the Davis family’s Solar Success Story

Solar Put Us In Control

“Our electrical bill in the summer was killing us. Now, my projected monthly electrical bill is less than fifteen dollars.”

– Adam and Jennifer Davis

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