Lumin enhances your energy storage system.

Lumin is a smart home energy manager that automates energy savings and responds and adjusts to external conditions (like outages or changing utility rates). The Lumin hardware installs to the electrical panel in your home, making your ordinary circuits smart. From there, you get complete control of your Lumin system from an app.

During outages, Lumin delivers flexibility and control of the energy being generated by your solar system and stored in your battery.

Benefits of Your Lumin

Lumin optimizes today’s solar + home back up in three important ways:

Protect your battery!

Lumin bolsters your home’s resiliency during an outage. We set up Lumin to operate according to your preferences and lifestyle, but we know that can change and you’ll want the control of being able to access backed up circuits when the power is out. Lumin makes your entire system flexible and reconfigurable without tripping your battery which provides extra life to your system.


Easily set up Lumin schedules and modes,

enabling you to manage your energy consumption if you are away, if there is a grid outage or simply overnight to eliminate “vampire” energy consumption.

Get 24/7 energy use data,

which helps you save money. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that if you leave power on when away from home, you can safely and immediately turn it off. Second homeowners are particularly fond of Lumin for this reason alone. 

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