Gain Energy Independence with Solar Power

Are Your Energy Costs Out of Control?

Energy costs keep rising, leaving you with few choices. Solar power gives you an energy alternative and the independence you’re looking for. Become energy independent, slash your energy bill, and take control of your future with solar power.

Solar Power Puts You Back In Control

Slash Your Energy Bill

Dramatically reduce (or completely eleminate) your monthly electric bill.

Take Control Of Your Future

Don’t fall victim to the ups and downs of energy prices.

Have a Say in Your Energy Choices

Have a choice when it comes to your energy needs.

Prevent Power Outages

Solar + battery has you covered when severe weather strikes.

What Others Are Saying About the Benefits of Solar Power in Arkansas


Play the Murray family’s Solar Success Story

Going Solar Was Seamless

“Conventional energy wasn’t working for us. Seal Solar helped us choose the right solar plan, and their installation process was seamless. As a result, we now feel better about the future we’re leaving to our kids and our electrical bill.”

– Megan and Josh Murray


Play Cheryl’s Solar Success Story

Low Monthly Energy Bill

“I was not keeping my house comfortable. It was too chilly in the winter and too warm in the summer. I’m so happy we went solar due to increasing energy prices. Working with Greg and Seal Solar was wonderful!”

– Cheryl Golden


Play the Davis family’s Solar Success Story

Solar Put Us In Control

“Our electrical bill in the summer was killing us. Now, my projected monthly electrical bill is less than fifteen dollars.”

– Adam and Jennifer Davis

Take Control with Solar Power in Four Simple Steps

1. Start Estimate

2. Schedule an Onsite visit

3. Install Solar Panel System

4. Achieve Energy Independence

Solar Power 101

Deciding to go solar can be a big decision, which is why we put together this video series to help you explore solar power. In this series you will learn:

  • How solar power works
  • Is solar right for you?
  • How much does solar power cost?
  • How to get started

Put an End to High Energy Bills.
Take Control of your Future with Solar Power.